Hey guys this is it!

My official website and after alot of work its finally here!, i shoot to please and my aim is on point.... here's were you can keep yourself updated were you can get all my latest updates, pics, tweets, vids and what city I'll be in next.

Lets get to know me by going deeper into my rabbit hole.

I know the windy city inside and out i was born in chicago 24 years ago on November 11 which makes me a scorpio that means i'm in touch with my sexuality, i'm a freak in the sheets and a passionate loyal lover :-)

I'm from San Lorenzo that's in Puerto Rico, I'm 200% Puerto Rican this makes me the Latina princess , I like to stay polished, nails done, hair done, etc...

I like to keep up with my beauty I have a little waist big booty bit titts my nipples stay hard and my lips stay plumped and juicy mwauh


Adriana Lynn Rush

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